Designing is my passion and work at the same time. Thanks to this combination, I was able to create and develop several dynamically operating companies in the design and construction industry. Besides being a leader, I also fulfill myself as a wife and mother. It was in this order – from the professional to the private sphere – that my knowledge, identity and personality were built.


On the blog I want to share my experience with other women building a company in the creative industry and how to combine running your own business with other life roles in order to feel happy and fulfilled.


I would like to show you what has changed me and my life. To convey to you that you can be yourself, be a fulfilled woman and at the same time be effective in building a business. Neither your relationship nor your children have to suffer from it. Do you want to know how I did it? I encourage you to follow my blog. To stay up to date, add my Facebook profile to your watchlist.



100% subjective opinions

Not always balanced, often very personal, always authentic.


Concrete advice and real-life examples 

I value readers’ time and my own time, so instead of pouring water I focus on specifics.

Constructive criticism

By showing advantages, I also point out disadvantages. When something does not work, I look for the reason.


I refer to my own experiences openly writing as is. 


My projects

In 2009, I founded a company dedicated to comprehensive interior projects, under which I developed three separate brands – uwadzamypodklucz.pl, DEKORPROJEKT and my original design workshop, Sadler. I built each of them from scratch, overcoming various difficulties and looking for effective solutions. Running a business in this undeniably demanding industry has given me valuable experience that I now want to share with others. On the blog, I will tell you how to effectively develop a company in the creative industry, from strategy creation, branding, to crisis and teambuilding.



Why want to share my knowledge?

You can say that I have built my own managerial workshop. Due to the specificity of the industry in which I operate, this knowledge is quite unique. When looking for information or tips myself, I have often encountered the problem of the lack of professional studies on the topic that interests me. Many of the competences I have acquired are not precisely reflected in other industries. I have borrowed effective teamwork methods from, for example, the IT sector. I have looked for solutions and opportunities many times, which only confirmed my belief that there is still a lot to say about running a business, especially in the context of women and the creative industry. For me, sharing the knowledge gained is the next stage of personal development.

What does it mean to me to be a leader?

The very acceptance of the role of a leader came to me over time and in my opinion is an interesting issue. Leading teamwork is commonplace for me today, but it poses a new challenge every day. It is certainly extremely important to realize the responsibility for the work of other people. However, it is only the discovery that company goals must be translated into the individual goals of each team member is something special. As leaders, we gain the ability to create specific values ​​in the attitudes of our employees. It is this aspect among others that made me perceive my role in managing the company differently than I used to.


Does being a woman in business matter?

Typically feminine features made it difficult for me to be successful in men’s companies, and today I find potential in them. There are many examples. One of them may be our typically feminine empathy, which works against us when it means pity, but it can also be used positively – by being mindful of the other person to strengthen the bond. Among other things, he wants to share such insights on the blog with other women who have not yet worked through their femininity in the professional context and are looking for a path to development in harmony with themselves. I believe that reflection enriched with a broad look at the experience of other women is extremely valuable.


My experience

I started my adventure with design in 2007, designing interiors for individual clients and investing in real estate, which was quite a novelty at that time. Based on my first experiences and observations of a dynamically developing market, I launched my own project. It was one of the first companies in Poland to offer comprehensive services for the interior finishing process from design to implementation, all based on the so-called finishing packages. Today, we have over 1000 implementations, cooperation with prestigious brands and the largest developers. I also often act as a consultant – I advise manufacturers of finishing materials before introducing new product lines to the market, sharing my knowledge and representing customer expectations.


Currently I design …

I love the designer’s work and the possibility of a comprehensive creation, from putting the first lines in the program to composing accessories and decorations. That is why, in addition to managing the work of the team, I personally design interiors from the premium segment. Such work requires not only technical knowledge and experience, but also skilful relationship building and trust. Only a really individual approach allows you to create interiors for wealthy, demanding people with an active lifestyle.

The role of design

I judge good design primarily through the prism of high utility value. However, the concept of art should be clearly distinguished from utility items. Art itself can be completely functionless. However, when it is to perform specific functions, I first evaluate this aspect critically, and only then appreciate the sophisticated design. I must be sure that the solutions offered in the packages are not only aesthetically interesting, but also durable and functional. I place great emphasis on individual adjustment of solutions and materials to the needs of my clients so that they bring measurable benefits and the expected improvement in functionality.



The importance of ecology

I like to use natural materials that are durable and timeless. I also reach for modern synthetic raw materials, but it is conditioned by their durability and potential benefits, resulting, for example, from technical parameters and energy efficiency. More durable materials mean more time without the need for renovation, thus reducing environmental costs in the form of waste and material consumption. I offer my clients companies that produce in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment.